True Faith “Leucovorin Rescue” 7″
Available for Pre-order.

The creative minds of medical students can be a fascinating place. Through the course of studying they experience life, death, and everything in between through a reflection of the best and worst of the human condition. For True Faith, the medical school life of Travis Benson and Quentin Moyer not only help shape the Boston-based coldwave and post-punk trio’s sound, but also its emotion.

After the January release of debut album As Much Nothing As Possible via à La Carte Records, and the addition of a new member — and fellow medical student — in Dylan Kotliar, True Faith return April 2 with the “Leucovorin Rescue” b/w “What Is Owed” 7-inch. Its timing is no coincidence; it arrives when Boston traditionally experiences a seasonal rebirth, from its endless supply of graduating classes tossing their mortar boards skyward to the salty populace shaking free the winter doldrums as the city explodes in colorful open-air optimism, True Faith are emerging out of their own shadowy origins.

“This 7-inch is really a transition point between our more synth-focused material from As Much Nothing As Possible and our new guitar-focused material with our next album,” says Benson. “As a two-piece, I think we had the realization that replicating much of As Much Nothing As Possible live would be extremely difficult. With — hopefully — live shows returning on the horizon, I think we had the understanding that if we wanted to perform these tracks live, we would need more people involved. Dylan Kotliar joined the band to play bass and this opened up a lot of different avenues for us to explore. Between his contributions to songwriting and our ability to practice as a band again, this helped shift the sound from less of a synth-pop vibe from some of As Much Nothing As Possible to more of a post-punk feel a la The Chameleons, Second Empire Justice-era Blitz, and Mesh and Lace-era Modern English.”

-Michael O’Conner Marotta

The record will be out on June 4th.
The 7” will be limited to 250 copies:
100 on clear with transparent orange and orange splatter
150 copies on transparent orange with orange smoke
30 test presses with a risograph print cover from Oddities (oddities_prints).

The 7” comes in a fold-over sleeve, designed by Lauren N. Bailey (chaoticnogood). The record was mixed and mastered by Dereck Blackburn (quiethouserecording), cut by Levi Seitz (blackbeltmastering), and pressed by Palomino.

Test Pressings Ship Immediately.

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Listen to the track and watch the video below.

Flesh Of Morning
“Every time” Flexi 7″
Now Available for pre-order!

A La Carte is excited to working with Flesh Of Morning on the physical release of their wonderful, haunting version of “Everytime” by Britney Spears.

The 7” is limited to 300 copies on clear flexi vinyl with rose foil print, All digital sales via Bandcamp will be donated in memory of Wade Allison, Riley Gale, Gilbert Cruz and all the beautiful talented artists of Texas who we love and miss.

In honor of the Queen of Pop Britney Spears, an advocate & activist within the LGBTQ+ community — our donation of sales will go directly Texas local organization Dallas Hope Charities.

For more information on Dallas Hope Charities,
*Note this is a preorder with a ship date estimated late summer 2021*
Listen to the track below and follow Flesh Of Morning.

True Faith
“As Much Nothing As Possible”
Now available exclusively in Europe through
Young And Cold Records.

True Faiths debut Lp “As Much Nothing As Possible” is not available exclusively in Europe through Young And Cold Records. We realize shipping rates are unreal right now, so we hope this helps in getting this wonderful record out to our friends in Europe. They have nearly every color variant available. More info on a repress coming soon, as well as new material for True Faith slated for Summer 2021.

Check below for True Faith links and music video for “Borrowed Time” Off of “As Much Nothing As Possible”

Don’t Get Lemon
“Forward Not Forgetting” Cassette Pre-order up now!

There is a mental portal that accompanies the music of Don’t Get Lemon. It’s one that expands and contracts as the Austin and Houston trio invite us along to absorb the five tracks on Forward Not Forgetting, the digital October EP that finds its way to physical manifestation, via cassette release, in early 2021 through emerging darker-arts label à La Carte Records.

As the listener steps into this realm and allows the band’s cascading sound to wash over, it’s no surprise Don’t Get Lemon caught the attention of à La Carte. Forward Not Forgetting finds the band — affectionately known as DGL for short — sound tracking our navigation through the pitfalls of modern life, reflecting a flickering beat off the stars of their Texas hometowns in creating a lush and introspective sound that orbits the allied galaxies of post-punk, synth-pop, and new wave. It’s dance music for people standing still, a torrent of motion for a frustrated world on pause.

“We were originally thinking about calling the band Lemon, taking homage from The Stone Roses and the ‘68 Paris riots,” the band states. “We noticed that searching for Lemon would be near impossible, and there’s probably countless bands called Lemon. So we kept Lemon and added “Don’t Get” to make “Don’t Get Lemon” — Cockney rhyming slang which means don’t get smart (lemon tart = smart). It’s a famous line from a movie called The Football Factory which stars Danny Dyer who we use as kind of an inside joke in the band.”

A sense of humor notwithstanding, Don’t Get Lemon’s sound aches and arcs with enough stamina to stretch across the Atlantic, and the end result, as evident on Forward Not Forgetting, its title pulled from a lyric via EP opener “Motion With No Name”, is the type of stadium synth-pop set to take over the world. Darker times call for darker music, but there’s a sense of hope and ambition in everything emerging from the Don’t Get Lemon creative factory.

“We wanted to do something much lighter and poppier than what we had previously been making,” they add. “We all had been enjoying Danish synthpop bands like Lust For Youth, First Hate, and Gents as starting points along with some of the classics from the ‘80s. We also joked about making a World Cup song like New Order’s ‘World In Motion,’ but for the 2026 World Cup here in the USA.”

Like most things these days, the evolution became darker as Don’t Get Lemon gelled as a creative unit, taking influence from the groundbreaking sounds of 40 years ago and illuminating the struggles that inspired those bands against the backdrop of our modern dystopia. Nostalgia is what we lean on to get us through the night, to fill our downtime, but a confrontation with the world around us is what gets us through the never-ending day.

“Once we started writing I think naturally some post-punk started to pop up more in our writing,” the band states. “We wanted it to be more clear and crisp, which included the vocals coming up in the mix and less reverb. We also wanted to experiment with different genres like disco and trying different paces.”

The Forward Not Forgetting cassette is set for release in early 2021, complete with an arsenal of visuals and creative content, like official music videos for “Motion With No Name” and EP closer “Idle Eyes,” and well as curated playlists and mixtapes, similar to the one the band recently crafted for IDIOTEQ’s year-end series, highlighting Don’t Get Lemon’s favorite synth-infused darkwave and post-punk tracks of 2020.

-Michael Marota

Tapes Available now on our Webstore.
Tape/shirt bundles will ship at the end of January.

Check out Don’t Get Lemon below!

The Violent Youth premier new video: “Elvira”.

Post punk duo from Germany/Russia premier tantalizing new video for “Elvira”.

Information on pre-orders for The Violent Youth “Tam, Gde Nas Net” Cassette is forthcoming. Check out The Violent Youth below!

Happy 2021.
New year full of updates!

The entire team at Death Of A Modernist/A La Carte Records wants to thank everyone for the support and response we’ve received during this crazy year. We’ve forged some wonderful relationships with artists this past year that we’re very proud of. So thank you sincerely.

This Friday 1/8:
True Faiths Debut LP “As Much Nothing As Possible” debuts everywhere digitally.

To celebrate the release Once Somerville/A La Carte Records will be hosting a special live event featuring live sets from: Old Moon, Arch Of Love and True Faith.
All the bands will be playing new material.
The Event is free and if you RSVP you will be entered to win a Test Pressing of True Faiths fantastic Debut LP.

Physical copies should be in mid January 2021.

Pre-order True Faiths new LP Here
A limited edition Risograph Poster to commemorate the show is available through True Faith.
(Riso by Oddities Print. Designed by Lauren Bailey.)

A La Carte Records Welcome Don’t Get Lemon.

A La Carte is very excited to be working with Don’t Get Lemon (Texas) on the physical release of “Forward Not Forgetting” on Cassette.
Pre-orders for will be live on January 16th.
More information to come.
Check out Dont Get Lemon here.
Watch the video for “S.I.” off of “Forward not Forgetting” below!

Webstore Has also been update.
Fierce physical copies are in for “Eclipses from the Duat” and look fantastic.

Purple Variants of the Sin + Passion have also been added.
Pressing info for both releases including pictures will be updated.
Check out the Death Of A Modernist/A La Carte webstore here!

The Violent Youth Joins A La Carte Records.

à La Carte welcomes Synth Pop / Post-Punk duo The Violent Youth (Russia/Germany).
We are excited to be working with them on the US release of their Album “Tam, Gde Nas Net” on Cassette. Order info coming soon.
Check out The Violent Youth here and Check out the video for “Just Dance” below!

True Faith
“Waiting on the Wrong Time”
Single now streaming on all platforms.
And New Shirt.

The Brand new single “Waiting on the Wrong Time” is now live on all streaming platforms. The Album is also available for preorder digitally. All Linked below.

“As Much Nothing As Possible” is an absolutely stunning debut LP by the Boston duo. Featuring art by Lauren Bailey (chaoticnogood).
Mixed and Mastered by Will Killingsworth (Dead Air Studios/Orchid/Ampere/BUCKETFULLOFTEEH) and Vinyl Mastering cut by Levi Shultz (Black Belt Mastering).

The Shirt available for pre order here.
Features art by Lauren Bailey (Chaoticnogood)
and Printed by Swarm Print (Andrew Gomez) .
(ship date mid December)

More information on Pre-orders forthcoming.
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Holy Death
“Deus Mortis”
Now Available on all streaming platforms!

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Holy Deaths crushing new EP “Deus Mortis” is now available to purchase digitally on all major platforms.
The Cassettes are delayed by a week but should have them in hand shortly. Pre-orders will be sent promptly after.
T shirts are in from the printer and will also be available in the webstore for purchase.

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