Fierce “Eclipses from the Duat” LP
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Death of A Modernist Records are very excited to be working with Italy’s Fierce on the US version of their Debut LP “Eclipses from The Duat”.

Currently “Eclipses from The Duat” is available everywhere overseas through these labels below, please support them!
Epidemic Records
Shove Records
Rakkerpak Records

“Like a slow moving thunderstorm, Fierce descend on the listener. On their 6-song 12-inch, “Eclipses from the Duat” the listener is lured into a full assault of mid-tempo chaos. The ground will shake, the air is charged with nervous anticipation and the noise is real.
While the guitars lurch and screech like Converge has been fed healthy doses of black metal, the drums pound at a whole different pace. A D-beat rhythm pulses, calling forward earlier fusing of punk, metal, and hardcore that pounds like a frantic heartbeat- aware of the danger you are now caught in; the low end of the bass rises, and unable to speed things up, the slow-motion force of the guitars hits and you are caught.

Snarling vocals fill in the colors, and the portrait is set. A slow moving car crash that you cannot escape is about to explode into full-speed reality. Tangled metal, shattering glass, the sound you make when no voice can be found in the depths of terror.

Italy’s Fierce leave a mark on their debut LP; while these songs may call forward pieces of other bands before them, the songs here are distinctly their own. “Eclipses of the Duat” is 24 minutes of dragging you through dense riffs, pounding drums, and a low end that gives it all a three dimensional aural experience. The vocals scream out from a dark corner within the sound and if you aren’t careful, you might get dragged in.”
-Jon Huskey

Listen to “The burning wheel Ω” from Fierce’s debut LP “Eclipses from The Duat”

The release date for this record is Mid October 2020 and will not ship until that time.
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