à La Carte Records Welcomes
Sin + Passion.

à La Carte Records is proud to announce we will be working with Sin + Passion on their debut EP
“For Those In Misery”
Pre-order information available soon.

“It’s been said that a whole wave of punk was miss-classified in the 90’s, called Grunge instead. Taking punk’s aggression and bolting it to the experimentation of the post-punk movement while being unafraid to infuse moments of heavy influences, the evidence left behind in those discographies tells the tale.

Southern California’s Sin + Passion arrive on their 3-song debut 7 inch in 2020. “For Those In Misery” offers up a reminder of both things that have been and issuing a at statement on what is now.

S+P alternate between dreamy explorations of post punk echoes and ominous hardcore punk pinned between current day post hardcore and the thundering heavy bands of their time. Threaded between these bookend tracks is “Pistol”, which could be passed off as a lost B-track to any of the heavier Seattle bands from twenty years ago

This is just a start, a way point on their journey; and introduction if you will, of what Sin + Passion have to offer…

/you were my only friend, but now I just talk to the walls/

^^ Listen to “Altar” From “For Those In Misery” ^^

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