True Faith “Leucovorin Rescue” 7″
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The creative minds of medical students can be a fascinating place. Through the course of studying they experience life, death, and everything in between through a reflection of the best and worst of the human condition. For True Faith, the medical school life of Travis Benson and Quentin Moyer not only help shape the Boston-based coldwave and post-punk trio’s sound, but also its emotion.

After the January release of debut album As Much Nothing As Possible via à La Carte Records, and the addition of a new member — and fellow medical student — in Dylan Kotliar, True Faith return April 2 with the “Leucovorin Rescue” b/w “What Is Owed” 7-inch. Its timing is no coincidence; it arrives when Boston traditionally experiences a seasonal rebirth, from its endless supply of graduating classes tossing their mortar boards skyward to the salty populace shaking free the winter doldrums as the city explodes in colorful open-air optimism, True Faith are emerging out of their own shadowy origins.

“This 7-inch is really a transition point between our more synth-focused material from As Much Nothing As Possible and our new guitar-focused material with our next album,” says Benson. “As a two-piece, I think we had the realization that replicating much of As Much Nothing As Possible live would be extremely difficult. With — hopefully — live shows returning on the horizon, I think we had the understanding that if we wanted to perform these tracks live, we would need more people involved. Dylan Kotliar joined the band to play bass and this opened up a lot of different avenues for us to explore. Between his contributions to songwriting and our ability to practice as a band again, this helped shift the sound from less of a synth-pop vibe from some of As Much Nothing As Possible to more of a post-punk feel a la The Chameleons, Second Empire Justice-era Blitz, and Mesh and Lace-era Modern English.”

-Michael O’Conner Marotta

The record will be out on June 4th.
The 7” will be limited to 250 copies:
100 on clear with transparent orange and orange splatter
150 copies on transparent orange with orange smoke
30 test presses with a risograph print cover from Oddities (oddities_prints).

The 7” comes in a fold-over sleeve, designed by Lauren N. Bailey (chaoticnogood). The record was mixed and mastered by Dereck Blackburn (quiethouserecording), cut by Levi Seitz (blackbeltmastering), and pressed by Palomino.

Test Pressings Ship Immediately.

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Listen to the track and watch the video below.