Glacial Descent
“Demo 2020”
Now Available!

All music written, performed, recorded and mixed by Glacial Descent
Vocals engineered by Alex Estrada at Pale Moon Studios
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Studios
Cover art by @ruangpelita_artwork
Cassette insert by Javier Van Huss

“Despite what the new California band’s namesake may suggest, their first release, Demo 2020, does not slowly descend on the listener like a cold dull mass of ice, quite the contrary actually, Glacial Descent’s debut offering comes in very fast, very hot, and very pissed.

Made up of three massive tracks, the fact that this is the first offering from the crust/grind influenced hardcore project seems almost inconceivable, as the tracks masterfully and relentlessly smash down on whoever is lucky enough to be listening.

Keeping with the intensity and pace set forth by the music, the lyrical content is just as compelling, refusing to poetically tip-toe around sensitive and uncomfortable subject matter, choosing instead to tackle it head on, forcing the listener to acknowledge and confront subjects that include mental health struggles, the evils of capitalism, and the struggle and urgent need for animal liberation”
No Echo

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Watch True Faith’s new music video “Waiting on the Wrong Time”.

Starring Grant Schleifer as Himself
Directed and edited by Travis Benson
Cinematography by Quentin Moyer
Lighting by Dylan Kotliar
Music written and recorded by True Faith at the House of God Produced by Lestat

Mixed/Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios

“True Faith have shown some excellent specimens of their darkwave sound thus far through their first releases, and they’re currently gearing up for their full length, As Much Nothing As Possible, which will be out on A La Carte Records.

Waiting on the Wrong Time sees the band taking their merging of post punk and new wave a step further, appearing more accessible structurally and rocking an ampler sound, yet, maintaining the dark eccentricity that’s made their art so appealing in the first place. The song is attached to a cinematic video which takes the band’s artistry to a higher level, as it’s been directed and edited by the band’s own, Travis Benson, with cinematography by also True Faith member, Quentin Moyer, and starring Grant Schleifer as himself.

Through themes that circle around “atypical depression and interpersonal struggle,” True Faith arise assertive and with a well realized conception.”

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True Faith Website

Sin + Passion
“For Those In Misery” 7″ EP
Now Available for Pre-Order.

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“For Those In Misery” is currently available digitally through all streaming platforms.
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Watch the music video for
“Everything You Left is Still Here”

à La Carte Records Welcomes
True Faith.

We are Thrilled to announce à La Carte records is working with True Faith on the release of their debut LP –
“As Much Nothing As Possible”.

The LP is a labor of love consisting of 7 songs that explore the corners of coldwave, synth-pop, and shoegaze.
Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at @dead_air_studios.
Produced by Lestat Ali & Grant Schleifer

Information on Release date and forthcoming singles available soon.
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^^Watch the music video for “Feel” above^^

à La Carte Records Welcomes
Sin + Passion.

à La Carte Records is proud to announce we will be working with Sin + Passion on their debut EP
“For Those In Misery”
Pre-order information available soon.

“It’s been said that a whole wave of punk was miss-classified in the 90’s, called Grunge instead. Taking punk’s aggression and bolting it to the experimentation of the post-punk movement while being unafraid to infuse moments of heavy influences, the evidence left behind in those discographies tells the tale.

Southern California’s Sin + Passion arrive on their 3-song debut 7 inch in 2020. “For Those In Misery” offers up a reminder of both things that have been and issuing a at statement on what is now.

S+P alternate between dreamy explorations of post punk echoes and ominous hardcore punk pinned between current day post hardcore and the thundering heavy bands of their time. Threaded between these bookend tracks is “Pistol”, which could be passed off as a lost B-track to any of the heavier Seattle bands from twenty years ago

This is just a start, a way point on their journey; and introduction if you will, of what Sin + Passion have to offer…

/you were my only friend, but now I just talk to the walls/

^^ Listen to “Altar” From “For Those In Misery” ^^

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Fierce “Eclipses from the Duat” LP
Pre-Order Available now!!!

Death of A Modernist Records are very excited to be working with Italy’s Fierce on the US version of their Debut LP “Eclipses from The Duat”.

Currently “Eclipses from The Duat” is available everywhere overseas through these labels below, please support them!
Epidemic Records
Shove Records
Rakkerpak Records

“Like a slow moving thunderstorm, Fierce descend on the listener. On their 6-song 12-inch, “Eclipses from the Duat” the listener is lured into a full assault of mid-tempo chaos. The ground will shake, the air is charged with nervous anticipation and the noise is real.
While the guitars lurch and screech like Converge has been fed healthy doses of black metal, the drums pound at a whole different pace. A D-beat rhythm pulses, calling forward earlier fusing of punk, metal, and hardcore that pounds like a frantic heartbeat- aware of the danger you are now caught in; the low end of the bass rises, and unable to speed things up, the slow-motion force of the guitars hits and you are caught.

Snarling vocals fill in the colors, and the portrait is set. A slow moving car crash that you cannot escape is about to explode into full-speed reality. Tangled metal, shattering glass, the sound you make when no voice can be found in the depths of terror.

Italy’s Fierce leave a mark on their debut LP; while these songs may call forward pieces of other bands before them, the songs here are distinctly their own. “Eclipses of the Duat” is 24 minutes of dragging you through dense riffs, pounding drums, and a low end that gives it all a three dimensional aural experience. The vocals scream out from a dark corner within the sound and if you aren’t careful, you might get dragged in.”
-Jon Huskey

Listen to “The burning wheel Ω” from Fierce’s debut LP “Eclipses from The Duat”

The release date for this record is Mid October 2020 and will not ship until that time.
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